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5 Ways to be More Active as a Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is awesome, but sitting all day can cause you to have a slower metabolism, and it also increases your risk for high blood pressure and diseases like diabetes. Here are 5 simple ways you can get more active and fight back! Bring dumbbells with you on the road- They do...
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The Starting Point of Achievement...

Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the country. Or maybe you’re just looking for an in-demand job with a dependable income. Whatever your reasoning for becoming a trucker, the starting point of all achievement is desire. If you want to become a truck driver, let your passion take you there- you ca...
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How To Avoid a Jackknife

Think a jackknife can’t happen to you? Think again! Jackknifing can occur to even the best and most experienced truck drivers in the wrong conditions. In this blog post we’ll explore why a jackknife occurs and how to avoid it happening to you. In short, a jackknife occurs when your tires lose tr...
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5 Reasons It's Awesome To Be A Trucker

1. Travel- America is one beautiful country, and as a truck driver you get to see it all: mountains, oceans, plains, and prairies. It’s like getting paid to sightsee! 2. Pay- The average salary of a truck driver is $51,000, with more seasoned drivers earning upwards of $100,000 3. Bond- Trucke...
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If a kid does the arm pump for you to blow the horn, you blow the horn. EVERY TIME!

You know you loved it when truckers blew their horn when you were a kid, and now that you’re a truck driver yourself it’s your turn to follow the #1 rule of trucking. If a kid does the arm pump for you to blow the horn, you blow the horn every time! :)
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