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The Starting Point of Achievement...

Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the country. Or maybe you’re just looking for an in-demand job with a dependable income. Whatever your reasoning for becoming a trucker, the starting point of all achievement is desire. If you want to become a truck driver, let your passion take you there- you ca...
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5 Reasons It's Awesome To Be A Trucker

1. Travel- America is one beautiful country, and as a truck driver you get to see it all: mountains, oceans, plains, and prairies. It’s like getting paid to sightsee! 2. Pay- The average salary of a truck driver is $51,000, with more seasoned drivers earning upwards of $100,000 3. Bond- Trucke...
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How To Avoid a Jackknife

Think a jackknife can’t happen to you? Think again! Jackknifing can occur to even the best and most experienced truck drivers in the wrong conditions. In this blog post we’ll explore why a jackknife occurs and how to avoid it happening to you. In short, a jackknife occurs when your tires lose tr...
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If a kid does the arm pump for you to blow the horn, you blow the horn. EVERY TIME!

You know you loved it when truckers blew their horn when you were a kid, and now that you’re a truck driver yourself it’s your turn to follow the #1 rule of trucking. If a kid does the arm pump for you to blow the horn, you blow the horn every time! :)
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Tired Truckers: Do We Need More Regulation?

It’s two in the morning, and although it is 20 degrees out, you have the car windows rolled down and your radio blaring. You could just have bizarre driving habits, but the more likely scenario is one drivers of all types can relate to: you’re trying to stay awake at the wheel. Recent proposals ...
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