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My Husband Still Plays With Trucks!

If your husband is a truck driver, the fact that he is still “playing with trucks” probably isn’t such a bad thing since it’s bringing in a pay check! We know the hours away on the road can be hard for both of you, but the job of a trucker is more important than many people realize. Somewhere aro...
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I Drove 14 Hours Today, What's Your Excuse?

Sometimes the long hours and time away from home can really wear on you, and after full day on the road your mood might not be the most…perky. Next time someone asks you why you’re less-than-chipper (of if they’re cranky themselves) just ask: I drove 14 hours today, what’s your excuse?
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Easy & Healthy Meals For Truckers

Meal time can be a great chance to get out of your cab and stretch your legs, but eating out on the road can add up to a lot of extra calories—and cash! Take advantage of your in-cab cooler or refrigerator and check out our favorite inexpensive and easy-to-pack on-the-road eating alternatives! P...
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Keep Calm and Truck On

When the miles seem to stretch on forever or road rage starts creeping in, take a deep breath and think about all the great things about the job. How many other people get paid to see so much of the country–and don’t have co-workers or a boss constantly breathing down their neck? Not many. Whenev...
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5 Ways to be More Active as a Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is awesome, but sitting all day can cause you to have a slower metabolism, and it also increases your risk for high blood pressure and diseases like diabetes. Here are 5 simple ways you can get more active and fight back! Bring dumbbells with you on the road- They do...
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