6 Things Every Trucker Should Take With Them On The Road

Unsure what to pack when you’re headed on the road? Make sure you always have these 6 things on you every time you drive!

Medications- Bring at least as much as you need for the trip and ideally a bit more

Emergency Gear- For starters, make sure you have a flashlight, reflective clothing, road flares and cones, warm blankets, shelf stable food, and first aid supplies

GPS and Maps- Even if you know where you’re going, you may get stuck on an unforeseen detour

Tools- Make sure you have a small supply of basic tools, including a wrench and a tire pressure gauge

Cell Phone- It’s hard to imagine ever leaving your phone purposely behind, but double check it’s on you before starting your trip!

Duck Tape- It’s small, cheap, and can be used to fix just about anything!

6 Things Every Trucker Should Take On the Road

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