Question 27 - Writing Practice Test for the CBEST

Which of these sentences could best be added to the paragraph without changing the main idea?

(1) Sam went car shopping yesterday. (2) His 12-year-old truck was a gas guzzler and was simply costing him too much in fuel costs. (3) He went to a variety of dealerships and test-drove multiple cars, including some all-electric options. (4) Sam decided that his driving habits were not conducive to all-electric cars, as he worried he would run out of power on his long drives to his clients in the next county. (5) Sam is a very successful salesman in his area. (6) Ultimately, Sam selected a very modest hybrid sedan that got good gas mileage and he was happy with his decision. (7) He looked forward to hitting the road again on Monday and not stopping at a gas station for quite some time.

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