Question 9 - Reading Practice Test for the CBEST

A reader would like to find out the cost of accommodations during an automobile trip to various places in Europe. According to this table of contents, in which section of this book could the required information probably be found?

This is the table of contents from a book about automobile travel in Europe.

Part1 General Information—The Grand Tour
Chapter 1 An Appreciation Of The Automobile
Chapter 2 Travel Talk
Chapter 3 Roads And Routes
Chapter 4 Hotels And Things
Chapter 5 The Grand Tour

Part 2 Touring In France
Chapter 1 Down Through Touraine: Paris To Bourdeaux
Chapter 2 A Little Tour In The Pyrenees
Chapter 3 In Languedoc And Old Provence
Chapter 4 By Rhône And Saône
Chapter 5 By Seine And Oise—A Cruise In A Canot-Automobile
Chapter 6 The Road To The North

Part 3 On Britain’s Roads
Chapter 1 The Bath Road
Chapter 2 The South Coast
Chapter 3 Land’s End To John O’Groats

Part 4 In Belgium, Holland, And Germany
Chapter 1 On The Road To Flanders
Chapter 2 By Dykes And Windmills
Chapter 3 On The Road By The Rhine

Mansfield, M.F. The Automobilist Abroad. Boston: L.C. Page & Company, 1907.

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