Question 37 - Reading Practice Test for the CBEST

In the attached passage, the suggestion to “kick guilt to the curb” most likely means ____.

A Comedian’s Take on How to Live a Full Life

When you hear the words “walking dead,” you may think of AMC’s hit zombie show “The Walking Dead,” but you don’t have to lack a pulse or crave human flesh to go throughout your life like a zombie.

The debilitating effects of depression assault 15 million Americans these days. By 2020, it’s estimated that depression will become the second most common health problem in the world. But depression isn’t the only issue preventing adults from feeling content each day—perhaps it’s a stagnant job, poor health, a loss of faith or countless other factors.

Author, comedian and keynote speaker Ken Davis was a member of the walking dead for years before he realized he was living an unfulfilled life—mentally, physically and spiritually.

“This idea of living fully alive is not some thrill-seeking quest. It doesn’t require leaping from an airplane or riding bicycles at breakneck speeds or jumping a log cabin on skis,” says Davis. “I’ve done all that. What I longed for was to experience that sense of adventure in my everyday life. Shouldn’t we feel some of the excitement that comes from jumping off a fifty-foot cliff when we jump out of bed?”

Ideally, yes. But as adults get caught up in the stressors of daily life — work, commuting, bills — it’s easy to lose sight of the many components that interact to form a meaningful, healthy life.

“The very nature of the words ‘fully alive’ implies completeness,” Davis says. “We are physical, social, mental and spiritual beings. To ignore any aspect of our humanity is to be only partially alive. I’m not interested in partial life any more than I’m interested in partial plates or premature death.”

Davis shared his epiphany and desire to reinvigorate life in his newest book, “Fully Alive: A Journey That Will Change Your Life.” Here’s a snapshot of the advice Davis offers to his readers:

• Kick guilt to the curb, and experience real freedom.

• Be active for an hour a day, and find ways to push your body to its limit several times in that hour.

• Develop spirituality in your life, whether through prayer, meditation, reading, connecting with nature or attending a religious service.

• Focus on positive behaviors and goals, not problems and fears.

Basically, Davis’ philosophy can be summed up in the newest acronym flying through Twitter, YOLO: you only live once. See what else Davis can teach you at

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