Question 30 - Reading Practice Test for the CBEST

The intended audience for this writing is probably ____.

The Cat’s Cradle Improving Agricultural Productivity and Economic Viability through Improved Understanding of Natural Systems
by Lynn Saunders

(1) Like the traditional cat’s cradle string game, the hydrological, carbon and nitrogen cycles are interconnected and any one change affects the whole. (2) These complex cycles support life as we know it. (3) Humans have intervened in these natural cycles for thousands of years and just as practices based on ignorance or limited knowledge have resulted in the degradation and collapse of natural systems, recent developments in agricultural practices are restoring natural processes and improving productivity while also reducing input costs.

(4) In Australia, the Carbon Farming Initiative has been rewarding good agricultural practice with Australian Carbon Credit Units since 2011. (5) By December, 2014, ten million ACCUs had been issued. (6) Recent developments in satellite technology will soon make it possible to see both good and poor agricultural practice from space. (7) Restoring life to landscapes will change agricultural land from a major source of emissions to a sink for greenhouse gasses.

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