Question 13 - Reading Practice Test for the CBEST

According to the information in this passage, in which case does the first word describe the author and the second word describe the author’s parents?

(1) You must try to understand that when I finished school I was as raw as raw could be. (2) I had never travelled anywhere on my own, never purchased a train ticket, since like most kids my age I had only travelled with my parents or relatives and they made all the decisions. (3) I had no experience of how to handle money (my knowledge being limited to spending the 50 paise or one rupee I would receive as pocket money now and then). (4) So while I had set my sights on traveling far and wide my parents wisely thought that I should begin by learning to manage on my own within Goa itself. ______________________ (5) It was also the rainy season and traveling around the country would be much more difficult they explained.

(6) So I started out by helping at an aquarium shop in Mapusa, the town nearest my village. (7) The proprietor of the shop is Ashok D’Cruz, a college friend of my father’s. (8) I must tell you about Ashok. (9) He is no ordinary businessman: keeping fish is a passion with him. (10) He is far more interested in chatting with his customers about fish than making money selling them. (11) I have never seen him forcing any of his customers to buy from his stock of aquarium fish.

Alvares, Rahul. Free from School, Chapter 1. Retrieved from:

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