Question 20 - Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test for the ASVAB

What is the best title for this passage?

In recent years, there has been much talk about something called ozone. What is this stuff and why is it important? Ozone is an invisible gas. There is a thin layer of it about 15 miles above the surface of the Earth. Some of the sun’s rays can be harmful to us and ozone helps protect us from damage. Unfortunately, the amount of ozone in our atmosphere has been reduced in the past few years and scientists think they know how this happened. Humans have produced chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have caused a decrease in ozone. One other effect of reduced ozone involves climate change. If more of the sun’s rays reach the Earth, they can cause changing weather patterns and a warmer climate. Possible disastrous effects of this change include the increased incidence of tornadoes and droughts.

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