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Asvab questions

I need more practice questions on ASVAB like Word, Science, Math

  • Added on October 16, 2017 16:27
  • by kenny

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Asvab help take mines in two weeks

Have any one taken the Asvab recently and use this app? How did it go and what part of the session help more the flash card or practice test? Was any of this on the real test?

  • Added on October 03, 2017 02:40
  • by Jessica Greenwell

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I need help

So each subject have a amount u can score ona asavb or each question a point

  • Added on September 14, 2017 02:13
  • by Trayveon HInes

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test scores and job choosing

Does anyone know what you have to score on the ASVAB for a helicopter mechanic job?

  • Added on August 24, 2017 21:24
  • by Karlee Sly

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Are you able to use a calculator on the ASVAB?

  • Added on June 23, 2017 23:34
  • by Samantha

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Who has taken the ASVAB exam?

Hello! I just have couple of questions: 1) How many questions in each paragraph will you have on the real exam? 2) How many minutes will you have for the whole exam?

  • Added on May 05, 2017 17:54
  • by Mykhailo Velychko