ASVAB Word Knowledge Help

I am struggling on word knowledge. Can someone please help me understand how to better break down a word to find its meaning? I'm seeing words I've never saw or heard of before.

asked - January 28, 2018 17:20

19723bf73e884dad5696a3a5bb28d935 Mallissya

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  • By Mallissya

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look at the suffix and prefix of the word you can usually tell what the word is going to me such as disadvantage dis means to not and advantage means to gain so the most common answer would be to not gain anything

answered - October 31, 2018 16:45

26071c925a271a4c110d2f5423216030 Mary

This section is hard because on the test they can literally ask any word in the English language, which makes it just about impossible to study. I would definitely focus on studying popular suffixes/prefixes (root words). Your library might have a book or I'm sure you could Google it as well. Good luck!

answered - February 13, 2018 23:01

5bf8823ef0f683ddc47f1badabd0a2a5 Andrea Montgomery