ASVAB Word Knowledge Help

I am struggling on word knowledge. Can someone please help me understand how to better break down a word to find its meaning? I'm seeing words I've never saw or heard of before.

asked - January 28, 2018 17:20

19723bf73e884dad5696a3a5bb28d935 Mallissya

  • Added on: 28 Jan 17:20
  • By Mallissya

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This section is hard because on the test they can literally ask any word in the English language, which makes it just about impossible to study. I would definitely focus on studying popular suffixes/prefixes (root words). Your library might have a book or I'm sure you could Google it as well. Good luck!

answered - February 13, 2018 23:01

5bf8823ef0f683ddc47f1badabd0a2a5 Andrea Montgomery