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Assembling Object


Is anybody else really confused by how to answer any of the Assembling objects questions on the practice test. They're really confusing me.

asked - August 03, 2019 19:33

Emily Bean

  • Added on: 03 Aug 19:33
  • By Emily Bean

4 Responses


To tell you the truth, it just takes some time. I had been freaking out about the AO part because I had never dealt with it before, but I sat down and took my time on each one, and after a while I was breezing through it! Don't worry, you just need to practice! 🙂

answered - March 13, 2020 21:48

Zhanna Palmer


No not really but it’s ok you’ll get it

answered - January 25, 2020 03:39

Caleb booth


This is the one section I tend to score high on!
The first part with A to B, pay attention to where the dot is placed. Is it the left or right side? Then look at B, Middle or left side. Just match to where they would connect.
Then for the shapes, first count how many pieces are used. once you have that you can cut out the answers that have more or fewer pieces. Then see the patterns, such as 3 triangles or one square. At least that's what I did. My first practice test I missed 4 out of 50! :)

answered - September 05, 2020 21:46

Tamara Boss


Take care to notice the small differences in some of the shapes, look at the diagram, and match up point A to point B. Keep in mind a shape might not have identical sides. Take the lightning bolt looking shape for example, there is 4 "sides". The TOP is a flat straight line, the LEFT and RIGHT sides are zig zag, and the BOTTOM POINT of the bolt. If you notice the left and right zig zag sides are not excactly the same due to where the left and right zig zag meets up with the flat back of the bolt. That's just one example of how the shape might look the same at a quick glance, left to right or top to bottom, yet they're not the same. Pay close attention to detail and you will ACE the AO!

answered - April 18, 2020 01:16

John Husveth

another thing , first count the shapes! then look for mismatch shapes - Joshua Campbell August 27, 2020 19:12