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Discussion Topics for ASVAB

Start a Discussion 25 topics for discussion
1 Response


How much do you think I should study each day for what topics and so?

  • Added on April 24, 2021 22:57
  • by Juan

1 Response

Asvab Math in general

I'm retaking the Asvab next week and I wonder how can I improve more on mathematical and Arthmitc math. I really need to pass the test because If I fail this again I'll have to wait 6 months to take the test.

  • Added on April 22, 2021 04:24
  • by Enrique

0 Responses

Questions for asvab test

are some of the questions here will appear to asvab test?

  • Added on February 08, 2021 06:26
  • by Marcus Dimacali

2 Responses

Taking the ASVAB

I used this source for about a month and took my ASVAB. I passed it, and now this summer Imma be heading to Basic Training. I would recommend to write down helpful tips that is given in the study guides. And the most important stuff that you see o...

  • Added on January 07, 2021 20:00
  • by Karsen Wood

2 Responses

Will this really help??

I am fourteen and I can not take the test till I am seventeen. If I keep at this until then will I most likely have a great score??

  • Added on December 02, 2020 20:11
  • by Julia

2 Responses

do you get a calculator for this test?

just wondering if you are allowed a calculator for any section or just some sections like science and arithmatic

  • Added on November 23, 2020 06:13
  • by mady murray

1 Response

Need to know

Has anyone taking the ASVAB test already? and are the questions on the practice test on the real test?

  • Added on November 12, 2020 17:39
  • by Cristal Jackson