12 Military Sign Ideas

Welcoming your hero home? Here are 10 “welcome home” signs sure to make them smile!

I’d wait for you forever, but (days of deployment) days is long enough!

His Eyes are (color), His Boots are Black, Out of My Way, My Hero is Back!

Welcome home soldier! Prepare to be debriefed!

I never thought sandy boots on the rug would make me so happy. My hero is home!

We’ve been waiting (days of deployment) days and (hours of deployment) hours for our hero to return. Welcome home (name)!

Gas to the airport? (approximate cost) New shirt to look my best? (approximate cost) Seeing my soldier for the first time in (number of days deployed) days? Priceless!

Home of the free because of the brave. Welcome home (name)!

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but my name’s (child’s name) and I’m your baby!

Always under the same sky, now under the same roof! Welcome home (name!)

Home is where the heart is and mine is finally back! Welcome home (name!)

(Soldier’s name): Report for Booty!

For (number of days deployed) days I held you in my heart, now I can hold you in my arms!

welcome home military sign ideas

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