Question 70 - English Practice Test for the ACT

What is the best way to fix this sentence from the last paragraph of the attached passage, reproduced here?

Allow the sprouts to dry for 30-60 minutes before putting it in a glass container lined with paper towel and place in the refrigerator.

[61] Many studies have been done touting the benefits of adding sprouted food to one’s diet to improve overall health. [62] Reports claim that eating sprouts can deliver several health benefits, including increasing blood circulation, building the immune system, improving eyesight, and it prevents premature aging. [63] Sprouts also contain high levels of living enzymes that can aid in digestion and help your body better absorb nutrients.

[64] You can sprout just about any seed or nut; grains or legumes can also be sprouted and it requires very little space or effort. [65] Their easy to grow indoors, right in your kitchen, sitting on the counter or a shelf. [66] Mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and chickpea sprouts are among the most popular sprouts to grow at home; and all have roughly the same germination period until they are ready to harvest.

The steps to sprouting your own sprouts at home is generally very easy and requires little equipment. You will need seeds, a clean Mason jar or other container (glass is preferred), a piece of natural, breathable fabric large enough to cover the opening of jar, a rubber band, and water. The first step is to soak your seeds for several hours. To do this, put your seeds into your jar and cover them with water. You can cover the opening with the fabric and secure it with the rubber band or leave the jar open. Leave the seeds to soak for several hours. [67] Once the seeds have soaked up a good amount of the water, drain and rinse the seeds. [68] Gently shake the jar to disperse the seeds as much as possible, replace the fabric covering on the jar and invert it upside-down in a bowl to allow excess water to drain out into the bowl. Place the jar and bowl on the counter. It does not need direct sunlight, but most seeds can tolerate direct sunlight.

[69] Seeds generally start to sprout in a matter of a few days. In that time, twice a day, dump out any leftover water left in the bowl, rinse the seeds with fresh cool water, drain, and return the covered jar back to the bowl to drain. Repeat this process until the seeds have sprouted and those sprouts reach your desired length. Most people harvest when sprouts are an inch or two long.

When you are ready to harvest, give the sprouts one more thorough rinse and drain, then dump them out into a single layer onto a clean kitchen towel. [70] Allow the sprouts to dry for 30-60 minutes before putting it in a glass container lined with paper towel and place in the refrigerator. Sprouts can be stored in this manner for up to a week.

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