Question 7 - English Practice Test for the ACT

Choose the best revision for the underlined part of this sentence from the attached document:

[7] Once your seated, you are greeted with menus, warm bread and soft butter. A relish tray soon follows.

[1] Just outside of Ashland, Callahan’s Restaurant sits nestled in a forest of pines. [2] A ski lodge and view point are both close by, added noteworthy spots to visit during your trip up the Siskiyou Mountain summit. [3] Whenever our family traveled over this mountain, if he was driving, we stopped for a bowl of Callahan’s famous minestrone soup. [4] Callahan’s can’t be seen from the main highway because of its location, even though it’s sheltered in the alcove of the mountain. [5] But venturing off the snaking exit heightens visitors’ anticipation.

[6] Entering through Callahan’s big wooden door, you are greeted by a hot fire blazing in a big rock fireplace, the odors of home cooking and the loud noises of guests waiting for a table. The long wait is worth it, just to take in the homey surroundings.

[7] Once your seated, you are greeted with menus, warm bread and soft butter. A relish tray soon follows. [8] While waiting for your order, look out the windows surrounding the dining room. If it is a typical December night, you’ve got a good opportunity of seeing snowflakes drift by the colored Christmas lights that illuminate the winter wonderland outside.

[9] When the restaurants famous minestrone soup arrives, the steam rises and heightens your senses. [10] The waitress places the old soup kettle in the center of the table, she knows that one bowl is just not going to be sufficient! [11] If you aren’t cautious, you’ll be bursting by the time your entree arrives!

I always select the veal because the thin slices of meat are so tender you don’t even need a knife. [12] My mother never decided because there is too many delicious items to choose from. She narrows down her choices by asking everyone else what they are ordering. [13] Then she selects something different so she can ask for a sample of our entrees. The rest of us subtly snicker; it’s just part of our family tradition at Callahan’s.

When you finish your meal, the dessert tray arrives. [14]Although we’re always too satisfied to order anything, dessert is tempting, just to make the Callahan’s experience last longer.

[15] (A) Now a brand new Callahan’s stands on the site of the old one that was such a tradition. (B) I moved away from Ashland 20 years ago; shortly thereafter, the restaurant burned to the ground. (C) We grieved losing such a special location in our lives. (D) We could never find a place in our new city that compared to Callahan’s. (E) The new lodge is bigger and provides lodging which means you can make your stay even longer!

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