Question 46 - English Practice Test for the ACT

What is the best way to combine these two sentences from the provided passage?

[46a] After finishing breakfast, Beth and Bernard supervised the servants. [46b] They finished packing and loading their trunks into the carriage.

[46a] After finishing breakfast, Beth and Bernard supervised the servants. [46b] They finished packing and loading their trunks into the carriage. [47] They needn’t have the servants were always quick and careful at their work. However, this was the first time the twins, at eighteen years of age, were traveling by themselves, and both were nervous. [48a] Bernard tried not to let his nervousness show. [48b] He did not wish to worry his parents and cause them to question allowing him and Beth to visit their older sister and her family. [48c] Beth did not care about letting her anxiety show. [48d] She fluttered back and forth, giving vent to all sorts of worry.

[49] “Beth, dear, do not agitate yourself. All will be well. The journey is short and you will be at your sister’s this very evening. Now, then, here are some letters you must take to her,” says their mother. [50] The letters was enclosed in an embroidered silk purse. Beth looped the straps over her wrist.

“I’ll deliver the letters, mother. But I’ve no present for Mary, and last week was her birthday! I had thought to give her the gloves I finished yesterday. [51] I did so good on the embroidery! [52] But then I spilled gravy on them and they are ruined!” Beth said.

“Don’t worry, dear. You’ll be with your sister a full month. You will have time to make her something new.”

[53a] Despite this reassurance, Beth continued to fret as the carriage pulled away from her parents’ estate. [53b] Bernard was calm. It was all well enough for him, she thought. He had purchased a present in town last week. But she hadn’t had the opportunity to go into town. [54] She looked out the window and let her mind wander as her and Bernard settled in for the trip.

[55a] She was startled out of her reverie when the carriage stopped abruptly and she was forced to grab its side for stability. [55b] “Bernard! What happened?” she shouted. [55c] “We’re tilting to the side, so something must have happened to the wheel. One moment. I’ll speak with our driver,” Bernard calmly replied. [55d] Bernard exited the carriage and closed the door behind him.

Beth tried not to worry. How bad was the damage to the carriage? How long would it take to repair? Worry after worry ran through her mind. [56] She didn’t notice when Bernard opened the door of the carriage and almost extended his hand to help her exit. “A wheel’s broken, but fortunately, we’re quite close to town. [57] Our driver will have it fixed in under an hour, he assures me, and in the meantime, shall we wonder about and look in the shops?”

[58] Although she would have normally been upset at this unexpected delay. Beth was excited. The shops! A chance to find Mary a present! And indeed, her expectations were fulfilled. [59] Less then an hour later, they were back in the carriage, the wheel repaired, and she clutched a prettily wrapped package with a perfect present for her sister’s birthday. [60] Now that she had a present for Mary, Beth was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the trip to her sisters’ house.

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