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Difference between SAT and ACT?

I'm confused with how the SAT and the ACT are different? Also, I wanted to make sure that on the ACT it's better to leave questions blank than to guess because blank questions don't take off points while wrong ones do? Or is it the other way aroun...

  • Added on September 03, 2018 15:34
  • by Elizabeth Keen

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Tips to Make Studying Less Painful?

Hi, I've been studying for the ACT this summer and I always dread doing it! Does anyone have any ideas that will help me have a better mindset and that will help me not dread doing it? I want to be able to do well on the ACT and I really suck at...

  • Added on July 25, 2018 23:33
  • by Abby Chatelain

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ACT are the questions similar to practice tests?

Hello I'm going to be taking the ACT soon. Wondering if anybody used the practice test, if so are the questions set up in the same format? Should I just focus on these practice questions? Thanks in advance!

  • Added on March 20, 2018 21:59
  • by Zendy Olguin

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Time Management

I am both a slow reader and test taker in math. I don't know how to fix my reading problem at all. And I have to show all of my steps in math, otherwise I feel like I made a mistake and it gives me complete anxiety the whole time. I also need my w...

  • Added on March 17, 2018 03:09
  • by Mikayla Whitmore

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ACT- Focus

I struggle when I take the ACT, mostly because I have a hard time focusing. I am usually pretty good when I start out, but by the time that I get to the Math or Science section, I struggle with keeping my mind focused on the problems, which affect...

  • Added on March 05, 2018 03:31
  • by Seth Cowie

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ACT math- Time Management

I am decent at math. Most of the math problems on the ACT, I can do. However, the trouble is with the time limit. Doing straight math takes too long for me, especially with the added nerves. Any help or hints?

  • Added on December 14, 2017 00:39
  • by marguerite demasi

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HELP Me!!!!!!!!

My weaknesses on the ACT are the science and math parts. For the science, i can't seem to find anything in the information given. I don't know what strategies to use. And for the math it's like I've never seen any of these problems before, most of...

  • Added on July 22, 2017 05:28
  • by Jacqueline Guilavogui