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Time Management


I am both a slow reader and test taker in math. I don't know how to fix my reading problem at all. And I have to show all of my steps in math, otherwise I feel like I made a mistake and it gives me complete anxiety the whole time. I also need my work to be organized which takes longer. How do I fix my problems and get everything done in the time frame given?

asked - March 17, 2018 03:09

Mikayla Whitmore

  • Added on: 17 Mar 03:09
  • By Mikayla Whitmore

2 Responses


I also have a hard time reading quickly and being able to comprehend what I am reading. You just have to tell yourself that you don't have to sit and think about it. Just get yourself to read it, and start working on the problem. It will also help you if you stay organized. Make sure you bring extra paper so that you can write out all of your steps. Don't spend too much time on any one problem. If you really don't understand the problem, it is better to skip it and go back to it after doing a couple other questions.

answered - March 28, 2018 21:29

Tiersa Grummert


To read something is good because " the more you read is the more gain" if you read a page try it to comprehend at least something.

answered - July 15, 2018 22:44