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How to improve test score


Hello, My son has taken the ACT 3 or 4 times. His highest score to date is a 25. He has never completed the writing portion. He will be a senior this year and really wants to get at least a 29 to be accepted into his college of choice. Can anyone advise how to improve the reading portion— does the writing portion calculate into this or no?
Any suggestions, comments or help is appreciated.

asked - July 27, 2019 13:07

Dana McGuffee

  • Added on: 27 Jul 13:07
  • By Dana McGuffee

1 Response


Depending on if your son's college requires the writing portion or not I do not think that he would have to take the writing portion if they do not require the writing portion. as for the reading portion that is mainly comprehension so he would have to get better at that and maybe if he also focuses on improving other sections as well might help him improve his ACT score.

answered - August 14, 2019 16:45

Steffanie Ledgerwood

To increase the score on the reading section of the ACT, he should practice reading a lot of fiction and nonfiction books. This should increase reading comprehension. - Tabitha Blankenship October 23, 2020 17:32