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Tips to Make Studying Less Painful?

Hi, I've been studying for the ACT this summer and I always dread doing it! Does anyone have any ideas that will help me have a better mindset and that will help me not dread doing it? I want to be able to do well on the ACT and I really suck at test taking. I need to find the right way to study and be effective!
User-generated avatar Abby Chatelain

Added on July 25, 2018 23:33


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I know that listening to music is better for me and helps me focus. My brain wanders more if it's silent or quiet around. Don't try to learn everything at once, I focus on 2 or 3 subjects a week and it's working pretty well. I hope this was helpful!
User-generated avatarElizabeth Keen

Responded on September 03, 2018 15:36


What type of music do you listen to while studying? I personally don't agree. Who in the right mind wants to listen to someone speak even more words into your ears while you try to read or do math. Cardi ftw and all but like thats pretty hard to do. - Georgie Baller Floyd March 06, 2023 14:33

Hi there, Kudos to you for studying during the summer. I’m a mother of a (soon-to-be) Senior in High School. My son has taken the ACT a couple of times. His strategies include: Find a quiet area: a park, a quiet cafe, Starbucks etc. bring your laptop and headphones and focus on one section at a time. Play some classical music and take some practice tests, read through different study guides etc. This strategy will make it easier to comprehend, ease your mind and take a lot of pressure off of you. Pace yourself. Don’t try to cram it all into your head in one sitting. Hope this helps!
User-generated avatarDana McGuffee

Responded on July 27, 2019 13:13


Hi Dana McGuffee, I notice that your a mom of a soon to be senior in high school and I was wondering if I was able to get with him as a single 19 year-old freshmen in college. Just wanted to let you know I'm D1 basketball player. - Georgie Baller Floyd February 20, 2023 14:58