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Advice Needed!!!

I am in 7th grade and will be taking the ACT as an advanced class project for Duke TIP. I need advice on the best but quickest study methods.I only have a couple weeks till the test and didn't start studying until just a few days ago so I'm trying to study as much as I can, and as quickly as possible.
User-generated avatar January Stephens

Added on October 15, 2018 22:11


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First of all,how are you being able to take it in your 7th grade year?Also,Im a Sophomore in Highschool.I got a ACT work book,and it was the more helpfullest things I ever had to study.Mine is dated back in 2018,and this year is 2019,but it works perfectly fine.I came on here to try some new studying skills for the ACT,because I take mine Saturday.I am still going to say that I love my work book better than anything!!
User-generated avatarKateland Adams

Responded on June 07, 2019 22:27


The ACT work book was one of, if not, the biggest waste of time that i had ever invested my time into. Just like Logan's Paul trip to that forest in Japan - Georgie Baller Floyd March 06, 2023 15:02

My best advice would be to make sure you have a firm understanding of all topics covered and focus extra efforts on those that you are not as familiar with. It also helps to utilize not only the website but also paper and pencil to help with retaining the information you go over. I always recommend writing your own notes on the material you study as it has been proven that if you do, you have a much greater chance of remembering it than just reading it. Best of luck to you!
User-generated avatarBilly Sturgill

Responded on October 19, 2018 18:48


The most difficult part of the ACT is the math section. You should have several years to bring your grade up on the math section, so this time around, you should not focus on the math section. Focus on the reading and english parts. Those are much easier. For the math section, though, you don't really need to know how to do a lot of them. Plug the answers back into the equation, or plug random numbers in for variables. - Tabitha Blankenship October 23, 2020 17:35

I am part of Duke Tip too and I really don't understand a lot of the stuff on the practice tests.
User-generated avatarVictoria

Responded on December 04, 2019 01:01


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User-generated avatarGeorgie Baller Floyd

Responded on February 21, 2023 16:55