ACT- Focus

I struggle when I take the ACT, mostly because I have a hard time focusing. I am usually pretty good when I start out, but by the time that I get to the Math or Science section, I struggle with keeping my mind focused on the problems, which affects my time management and my scores. Any suggestions?

asked - March 05, 2018 03:31

7fd3f5064d2b87bb073d44d7c77636f5 Seth Cowie

  • Added on: 05 Mar 03:31
  • By Seth Cowie

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Do not get stuck on a question if you do not know it come back to it later. You can waste time by doing that and when you go ahead you might see something familiar that can help you with that question.

answered - March 14, 2018 18:06

363d2988849065bfb6b5ccc694c5cd98 Macklayne Miles

I have that problem as well with all long tests. During break, pop in a strong mint..... that helps me focus.

answered - March 17, 2018 01:50

67833ea9ecc36ea179f37799f00e0760 Mikayla Whitmore