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Discussion Topics for ACT®

Start a Discussion 11 topics for discussion
1 Response

How to improve test score

Hello, My son has taken the ACT 3 or 4 times. His highest score to date is a 25. He has never completed the writing portion. He will be a senior this year and really wants to get at least a 29 to be accepted into his college of choice. Can anyone...

  • Added on July 27, 2019 13:07
  • by Dana McGuffee

2 Responses

ACT Math Study Guide

Is the study guide an accurate representation of what topics are on the ACT?

  • Added on November 10, 2018 21:55
  • by Olivia Weltin

3 Responses

Advice Needed!!!

I am in 7th grade and will be taking the ACT as an advanced class project for Duke TIP. I need advice on the best but quickest study methods.I only have a couple weeks till the test and didn't start studying until just a few days ago so I'm trying...

  • Added on October 15, 2018 22:11
  • by January Stephens

1 Response

Difference between SAT and ACT?

I'm confused with how the SAT and the ACT are different? Also, I wanted to make sure that on the ACT it's better to leave questions blank than to guess because blank questions don't take off points while wrong ones do? Or is it the other way aroun...

  • Added on September 03, 2018 15:34
  • by Elizabeth Keen

2 Responses

Tips to Make Studying Less Painful?

Hi, I've been studying for the ACT this summer and I always dread doing it! Does anyone have any ideas that will help me have a better mindset and that will help me not dread doing it? I want to be able to do well on the ACT and I really suck at...

  • Added on July 25, 2018 23:33
  • by Abby Chatelain

1 Response

ACT are the questions similar to practice tests?

Hello I'm going to be taking the ACT soon. Wondering if anybody used the practice test, if so are the questions set up in the same format? Should I just focus on these practice questions? Thanks in advance!

  • Added on March 20, 2018 21:59
  • by Zendy Olguin

2 Responses

Time Management

I am both a slow reader and test taker in math. I don't know how to fix my reading problem at all. And I have to show all of my steps in math, otherwise I feel like I made a mistake and it gives me complete anxiety the whole time. I also need my w...

  • Added on March 17, 2018 03:09
  • by Mikayla Whitmore