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If By Study You Mean...

Sure I studied really hard for the ACT…I mean, the book was open while I was snacking and playing on my computer.
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The ACT: Things To Remember

The ACT: Things to Remember The American College Test (ACT) is one of the most popular college-readiness exams taken nationwide. To pass this test, you should acquaint yourself with what to expect, brush up on the test subjects, and take practice tests as far in advance as possible. In addition...
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The ACT test vs the SAT® exam: How are They Different?

Deciding between taking the ACT test and SAT exam? Here are some key facts that will hopefully make your decision easier! What subjects do the ACT and SAT exam cover? The ACT test covers four subjects: English, Science, Reading, and Math, with an optional Writing portion. The SAT exam covers th...
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In the end, you'll only regret...

Whether it be in your education or career, starting something new can be exciting–and a little scary. Sometimes it’s tempting to take the easy, comfortable route instead of the harder one that might yield greater rewards. If an opportunity comes up that might benefit you- take it! As the saying g...
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What ACT Score do I Need to Get into a Big 10 College?

There are several factors that decide whether or not you get accepted at the college you want to the attend, but your ACT score is an important one. Wondering if your ACT score is good enough to get into a Big 10 school? Check out our handy chart of ACT college averages to find out! Indiana Univ...
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