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The ACT is Coming...Will You Be Ready?

What is the ACT? The ACT is one measurement of your college readiness. It is a nationwide, standardized “college entrance exam” based on the skills and information you have learned during your educational journey to this point. There is also an optional writing portion to the ACT where you can s...
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The ACT Optional Writing Test: Should You Take It?

Let’s face it: testing for 3 hours on a Saturday is nobody’s idea of a good time, and the option of skipping a section on a test can be pretty appealing. So why should you take the ACT Writing test if they give you the choice to opt out of it? Here are several reasons why we think you should spen...
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The ACT: Tips for Studying Vocabulary

Neither the ACT nor the SAT test evaluates the extent of your vocabulary, as such. Both tests now focus on the correct usage of common, everyday words. They do, however, test your knowledge of words used within a greater context. This means that while the words may look “easier” on the surface, y...
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If By Study You Mean...

Sure I studied really hard for the ACT…I mean, the book was open while I was snacking and playing on my computer.
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The ACT: Things To Remember

The ACT: Things to Remember The American College Test (ACT) is one of the most popular college-readiness exams taken nationwide. To pass this test, you should acquaint yourself with what to expect, brush up on the test subjects, and take practice tests as far in advance as possible. In addition...
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