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When Not to Use a Comma on the ACT English Test

Overused and misused—these words often apply to comma placement. Due to the multiple roles a comma can play, even in the context of one sentence, a writer’s uncertainty may lead to applying too many commas or misplacing them. The first two points below pertain to unnecessary commas, and the final...
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The ACT English Test: Must-Know Comma Rules

There are four basic situations in which you’ll need to use a comma: introductions, structures, interruptions, and lists. Each of these words denotes a purpose for the comma. It’s no wonder that writers feel overwhelmed about comma placement. However, one point is definite. Uncertainty should not...
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ACT Test Dates 2018–2019

Find a Test Date That Works for You! If you’re planning to take the ACT test during this school year, you know you can’t just show up with a pencil on test day. You’ll have to do a bit of planning, with calendar in hand. We’ve put together not only the actual test dates, but also the registratio...
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ACT Scores: New Federal Use for Them

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was enacted in December of 2015 to replace the No Child Left Behind Act, while also upholding the national commitment to providing equal opportunity for students. This law was passed at a key time during which students are attending college in greater numbers...
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The ACT English Test: What You Need to Know

What Will It Look Like? The English portion of the ACT assesses your understanding of standard English language conventions (sentence structure, punctuation, and usage), elements of writing (developing a topic, organization, unity, and cohesion), and language (word choice, tone, and style). You ...
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