Question 7 - WritePlacer Essay Practice Test for the ACCUPLACER Test

What is the correct place for a comma in the second sentence of paragraph 4?

This essay was written in response to a prompt asking the writer to state his/her opinion about community service hours being required of all students for high school graduation. It is used here only for proofreading practice and not as an example of exemplary writing.

(1) A person serving hours of community service should be a requirement for high school graduation. Community service definately gives a young person working experience and a chance to deal with people. It also prepares a person to be a better community member as an adult. There are lots of things a person can gain from community service. Besides, the community always needs help, especially with picking up trash.

(2) One reason for community service is the experience it would give to the young person. A high school student could learn to perform different services in preparation for future jobs. He or she might even find a new interest that could be the start of a future career. In any case, there would be lots of exposure to new tasks.

(3) A young person doing community service has another benefit of learning “people skills.” This is something that is necessary for most jobs. People skills are also important for becoming a well-rounded person. By doing things in the community, the student would need to interact with many different people. He or she would learn the most affective ways of doing so.

(4) Finally, serving the community instills a habit of service in the youth. In future years he or she will understand the importance of all citizens contributing to things that benefit others. A result of this will be more pride in the person’s community and more willingness to help with community efforts.

(5) Not only does youth community service help the youth gain experience and people skills, but it assists the community and secures a number of community volunteers for the future. As such, it is an important part of preparing a student for adulthood and should be included in their high school graduation requirements.

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