Question 10 - Next Generation Writing Practice Test for the ACCUPLACER Test

What is the best word choice for the underlined word in this sentence?

(6) “However, sanitation workers can actually work in a variety of places.”

(1) A sanitation worker is someone who helps keep neighborhoods and communities clean. (2) A sanitation workers job is to collect, haul away, and dispose of trash in a sanitary, hygienic, and environmentally responsible way. (3) Also known as garbage collectors, a sanitation worker’s job can go well beyond throwing trashcans around.

(4) Sometimes when people think of sanitation workers, a city garbage collector is the first and only image that comes to mind. (5) And that is one kind of sanitation worker. (6) However, sanitation workers can actually work in a variety of places. (7) You may find sanitation workers working in the following places: city parks, food or beverage plants, restaurants, water treatment plants, office buildings, factories, warehouses, and industrial plants.

(8) Sanitation workers have a number of responsibilities. (9) In addition to trash collection, they might also have to do street sweeping or snow removal (depending on the geographical location). (10) They must be physically fit. (11) They may have to burn the trash or separate recyclables out of refuse or move the trash to a dump or landfill.

(12) To become a sanitation worker, you must submit an application and endure what can be a lengthy process of background and reference checks. (13) And while a post-secondary education is not generally a requirement to become a sanitation worker, most companies do require a high school diploma, or equivalent, and some on the job training. (14) In order to be hired, an applicant may need to take a written test, pass a physical exam, or pass a driving test to get a commercial driver’s license in order to drive the garbage trucks. (15) It is a job that requires knowledge of safety standards and procedures.

(16) Averaging roughly $12 an hour, sanitation work is not a glamorous or high-paying job. (17) But, when you consider the responsibilities of a sanitation worker, it’s a very important one. (18) As long as people keep creating trash, there will be a need for sanitation workers to help dispose of it safely and in an environmentally responsible way in order to keep our world clean!

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