Formulas You’ll Need for the Accuplacer Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions Test

The following chart will give you the basic formulas you’ll need to ace the Advanced Algebra and Functions section of the Accuplacer Next Generation Test. You probably won’t be able to use this chart during this test, but it is an awesome tool for you to have an overview of the wide range of topics covered in this section.

These are the very basic equations, so feel free to also check out our more complete study guides, and solve our sample problems to hone your skills at Union Test Prep!

Linear Equations

Formula Symbols Comments

Standard Form

Slope-Intercept Form. Try to convert linear equations to this format.

This is a rearranged version of the point-slope form.

Point-Slope form


Quadratic Equations

Formula Symbols Comments

Quadratic Formula for equation in the form
Square of a sum or difference
Difference of squares

Cubic Equations

Formula Symbols Comments
Difference of cubes
Sum of cubes

Geometry Equations

Formula Symbols Comments














Pythagorean theorem

Standard form of a circle

General form of a circle

Trigonometry Equations

Formula Symbols Comments
  Pythagorean Identity

  Double Angle formulas

Formulas with Diagrams



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